Conscious Creation

Sustainability is not an option anymore but necessary to our survival and to a desirable future. It is our responsibility as creators and consumers to the drive the change. Conscious creation means no overproduction, no waste and absolutely no greenwashing.

Each of our garments is a work of art and handmade in our partnered atelier. This includes the dyeing processes of all our fabrics. Luxury is taken back to its origin here: Craftsmanship and durability. In doing so, we reject dependence on fast-moving trends.

MIRAYAMA pieces are investments that can be styled differently and worn repeatedly, across seasons and years. Our collections for both garments and jewellery are entireley hand-crafted and we are committed to make artisans feel proud in their craft while earning a fair salary that reflects in a quality product. Every step at MIRAYAMA, follows our conscious creation philosophy, having sustainability at heart.

Based on our direct-to-consumer and made-to-order approach we only produce tight quantities, allowing us to minimise waste. We have taken our time and built a close relationship with ateliers and goldsmiths, which are supportive of our vision and business model and accept on-demand and small order batches. This allows us to constantly optimise our actions.

We are by no means perfect, but we are committed to our journey in crafting, creating and operating as consciously as we can.