Create Your Own Poncho

Welcome to Create your own Poncho by MIRAYAMA, where your unique style and our craftsmanship come together to create the perfect piece. We invite to design your own poncho, choosing from a variety of luxurious silk fabrics, vibrant colors, elegant fringes, and intricate embroidery options. You can come visit us at our atelier in Queens Park, London or contact us via email.

How It Works:

1. Choose Your Fabric: Select from our premium range of silk fabrics, each offering its own unique texture and drape.

2. Pick Your Color: We dye our silks therefore we can create any colour you wish for.

3. Add Fringes: Opt for our signature fringe details to add a playful or sophisticated edge to your poncho.

4. Select Embroidery: Personalize your poncho with exquisite embroidery patterns, from delicate florals to bold geometric designs or your name.

Contact us to book your appointment

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